Top TV shows

my favourite TV series


There are lots of great programmes out there and these are just a few of my favourites but they all are great and I really recommend them to everyone …

1) Lucifer

I started watching this show a few months ago and I’m absolutely addicted to it, the series is put together with 3 different stories: Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship, Lucifer’s background as the devil and the crime investigation this makes it so much more interesting to watch as its always changing and keeping you hooked. The pilot episode started with an introduction to Lucifer, and later brought Chloe in when Lucifer’s “friend” was murdered. They later joined together to solve murders and eventually started a relationship.

2) The Walking Dead

I’ve been watching the walking dead for a very long time now and I really love it although many people say its obsessively gory or repetitive I disagree , it has to be gory to show the state of the apocalypse and as for it being repetitive I think it makes you feel more sympathy for the characters. The show began with rick stranded in a hospital and waking up to find the hole town deserted it later goes on to introduce ricks son and wife and a group of survivors who he then sticks with and learns to love.

3) pretty little liars

I haven’t been watching this show for long and it has been difficult as I’m watching it online but I’m really enjoying what I have seen, the mystery of who A is keeps you hooked while the girls drama makes it feel more real and relatable. the show starts with introducing Alisons death and later shows the girls being threatened by A ,who is a mystery character that messages the girls through out the series.


I’ve watched this show for years with my family and we all love it the show follows the story of agent gibbs and his team of agents . the show has around 12 series and started in 2003 the chemistry of the characters makes it feel more natural and loving making it better than other shows and because of the amount of episodes it is nice to just put on and let it run through.

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